10 Secrets To Choosing The Best Seo Company

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No matter how knowledgeable you are in SEO, at one point or the other, you may need the services of a competent SEO company like www.concentricmarketing.co.uk
to help you out. SEO entails a lot of work, maintenance, and monitoring. If at any point your website starts dropping in the results, you may need to get outside help.

Here are ten ways to ensure you get a decent company to work for you:

1. Find out if you will receive a site evaluation guide – good SEO companies will provide you with an extensive analysis of your site with regards to design, structure and of course ranking. With this audit, the company will know the volume of work needed and provide you with suggestions on what they plan to do.

2. What tools do they make use of you are paying for their services so they should be able to tell you what they use. You need to be sure that the tools they use will offer you a competitive edge over your competitors.

3. Can they provide quality backlinks? Backlinks are very important in SEO and you should ask the firm if they have websites they can link yours. The websites should be in the same niche as yours.

4. How do they structure their cost? A good SEO company is such that will not rush to give you a quote but have a rundown of what it will cost and what results you will get with each service proposed.

5. What is their timeline? The company should have a timeframe on when you should start seeing results. But beware of companies that promise to help you rank on Googles first page in as little as 10 days. A time limit is not what I am talking about since SEO is an ongoing process. But they should provide you with a timeframe where you can start seeing a result.

6. What is their SEO technique? If their method involves any spamming technique meant to deceive search engines, desist from such companies. Such methods can earn your site the big ban hammer and be blacklisted from Google.

7. Do they offer targeted traffic they should understand the difference between selective traffic (which is what your website needs) as against general traffic. This involves the use of well matched keywords to attract leads.

8. Actionable plans with a clear delivery deadline the company should be such that will let you in on whatever step they are taking concerning your website and not keep you in the dark.

9. Able to provide a monthly or quarterly report this should be submitted by the company to show the progress of work done. It should be concise and clear with texts and graphics to support.

10. Performance guarantee does the company offer guarantee in percentage increase of the website? If an SEO company is sure of its performance, it should be able to give a projection of the expected traffic increase backed by a guarantee. Or at least offer some form of guarantee.

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