How Successful Is Digital Marketing In 2019?

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Digital marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing; there are many different platforms and tools of digital marketing, which a company can use for promoting their brand, and raising awareness about their products. Every business wants to be profitable, and for that, they have to increase sales; digital marketing is a channel that can help brands achieve many sales targets and objectives.

Pay Per Click

PPC is a digital marketing technique, which helps a brand rank their ad on the top of the SERPs in Google – Whenever the target audience of a company or their potential customers searches for a query on Google, the top results would usually consist of relevant ads. Every time a user clicks on any of the ads, the company has to pay Google. This helps companies keep track of the number of people who click on their ad, visit their website, and whether it helps increase their business or not.

A companys marketer would carry out a keyword search, to make sure that the people, who click on the ads, are actually looking to buy their products. The benefit of a PPC digital marketing strategy is that, if a company thinks they are reaching the right audience, then they will continue to pay the search engine, or else they can stop.


Search Engine Optimization is a digital marketing technique through which companies put in their efforts to rank their website high in the SERPs. SEO can be done by finding out the right keywords, and then optimizing a website, through those keywords. Keywords are included in page titles, Meta descriptions, image descriptions and content of a website. It helps users find out information that matches with their search query. It gives recognition and visibility to a website, and that too, at cheap rates. An SEO expert knows everything that is to know about SEO, and he can take measures that are best for a companys website.

The benefit of using SEO is that, no matter the size of a business, everyone can execute SEO to promote their business, and they have a level playing field.

Email Marketing

Email marketing can make a digital marketing campaign, a success. Email marketing isnt dead, but the way it was done before has been changed. Emails should be sent with a personal touch; they should be sent to new and existing customers, but they should never have long or meaningless messages. An email should encourage a customer to take action, like visiting a website, checking out a new product or subscribing to a newsletter. Emails should offer some value to customers, or they will block the emailing address, or move the email to the scam folder.

Content Marketing

Consumers want to consume fresh content on a daily basis; they want content that is creative, informative and innovative and this is what digital marketing is about. In content marketing, brands can promote their products by creating content that is relevant to them. For example, if they create a blog on their website, then most of the content would be descriptions of the products, their features and benefits of the customers. Content marketing includes marketing with the help of videos and images, and these two mediums help attract customers to a website or encourage them to buy the products of a company.

Social Media Marketing

If the success of digital marketing has to be measured in 2019, then it is best to look at the ROI of social media marketing. The time and money that marketers invest in social media marketing, they get a good return on it, in terms of exposure, visibility, customers, leads, revenue and sales. Social media platforms give companies the chance to expand their business, interact with their customers and attract new ones. Social media is a tool through which companies can handle crisis, as soon as they arise and prevents a companys reputation from being damaged.

Measuring Performance

The performance of a digital marketing campaign can be measured, as compared to traditional marketing. There are many online tools like Google Analytics, which can help a marketer in assessing, whether his efforts are bringing in any results or not. If people are engaging with a brand online, promoting their business and purchasing from them, then it means the campaign is working. The visits to a website, the followers of a social media account and the response to email marketing, can be key performance indicators for a brand.

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