How To Ensure A Constant Flow Of Traffic To Your Website Without Cost

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Published articles are not evergreen, whatever the flavour of the day is you can rest assured it will rapidly run out of steam most likely ending up in article graveyard when de-indexed by Google.

Websites do take a lot of work, constant updating with fresh content costs money unless you are prepared to write it yourself and that takes time. The good news is there is a better way which really just boils down to good organisation.

First of all the main essential is a blog. A blog is the one area of a website which requires constant updates. Regular fresh and relevant content is the oxygen which keeps a website alive and nothing pleases Google more than good content. Google owns the playing field, website owners need to play ball as well as jump through the proverbial hoops.

What’s important to understand is Google ‘swipes’ it’s content from every other website out there, which to some might appear hypocritical given their stance on duplicate content, but who amongst us is going to complain? We only have to do the right things the way Google wants, to gain some traction from their website bringing traffic and ultimately customers along the way.

Simple really isn’t? Well no actually, not quite. Back in the beginning, both before and for sometime into the beginning of the Google era things were so much easier, simply doing what is outlined above would have been enough to get the job done, alas those days are long gone.

As time has passed things have progressed rapidly, Google got much smarter and we’ve all had to run faster to try and keep up, plus with so much competition vying for top placements in search results it’s become a real struggle to just stay in the race.

Many SEO professionals tend to support the idea that content should be written with the end user in mind. The problem with that theory is users conducting searches don’t all use the same keywords and phrases, which makes it difficult to craft an article that will rank well.

The single most critical factor to take into consideration when constructing an article is relevancy. There is no point having a website about plumbing materials then publishing an article to your blog on furnishings. Yes, there is a connection with the pair given they are things we buy for the home, but it’s Google we are out to impress not the end user.

Typically articles should be written how search engines expect with unique quality content which is highly relevant to the website and same again when posting articles to other sites for backlinks. It is not within the realm of this article to cover things like keyword density, structure and layout of content, if unsure about the composition please look it up.

Just know when constructing your masterpiece to do it how Google wants it to be. Follow guidelines to the letter and providing you are targeting local you should find some traction in search results. The more articles published the more free traffic the website will receive. If writing is not your thing there are any number of people out there who will create articles, with even the best coming at a relatively cheap cost. Content Marketing Services

Another strategy which can be used is Content Curation.

Content Curation basically means taking someone else’s work and then making edits before adding your backlinks. Curating other people’s content is not illegal, provided the original publisher’s details remain intact. Curating original content results in more exposure for the publisher.

Most curation experts tend to add one or two paragraphs to the content which in the eyes of Google makes the article unique, so whether publishing to your own or someone else’s website don’t forget to add anchor text links otherwise you will not receive any benefit .

An article’s reach can be greatly extended by encompassing social media. Free software such as WordPress is the first choice for millions of users because it is so easy to use and extremely versatile. There are a plethora of freely available wordpress plugins to help website owners post content to social media automatically.

Naturally the better ones or upgrades come with a price, but when taking into consideration the amount of time to be saved when for example connecting a blog to social media pages and accounts, then witnessing your content go viral after just a few clicks just makes everything worthwhile.

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