How To Write An Effective Job Description

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A job description entails the essential responsibilities, qualifications, and skills required to perform a role. Drafting a compelling job description can be critical in helping you attract the most qualified and suited candidates for a job. A JD needs to be able to provide enough details for job seekers. This helps them understand the role better. The following guidelines need to be followed when writing a job description:

1. Job Title
Always ensure that a job title is specific. Phrases that accurately describe a job need to be included in the title. Internal lingo need not be included in a job title. For instance, do not write a title as Human Resource Manager Grade 6. Senior Human Resource Manager is better in this case. Internal lingo may confuse job seekers.

2. Job Summary
This needs to be attention-grabbing. It will lure a job seeker to continue reading the JD. Ideally, it should highlight the expectations of a position. It should also contain an overview of your company. You need to convince job seekers that your company would be a great place for them to work. The exact job location also needs to be included in this summary.

3. Responsibilities And Duties
The core responsibilities of a job need to be detailed here. The day to day activities that are contained within a role can be highlighted. The work environment can hereby be easily understood by jobseekers. Reporting structures and hierarchies should not be left out.

4. Qualifications And Skills
Qualifications required to perform a job need to be included in a JD. These include one’s education level, certifications, previous job experience, and technical skills. Soft skills such as communication can also be included. Personal traits like extroversion, integrity, and honesty can help get the best applicants.

5. Sell Your Job
You need to compel candidates to be able to leave their current workplaces. Benefits and perks that are contained within a job can help sell a job. Candidates also need to know how the role contributes to the growth of your company.

6. Avoid Discrimination
The use of certain phrases and words within a JD can usually be construed as discrimination. This may end up limiting the number of applicants. It does away with diversity. Equal opportunity needs to be cultivated. Using words like a salesman in a JD can be construed to be discriminatory.

A great JD isn’t just about tasks and responsibilities. It needs to convey more than that. It should highlight more about your company. It should not offer too much information to job seekers. It should be concise. A well-drafted JD ensures the success of the recruitment process.

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