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Even with the internet taking over, the old way of marketing remains effective. People tend to treat offline marketing with more seriousness than online marketing. With the offline ways of marketing we get direct contact with the customer, thus a high possibility of making a sale.

Is Direct Mail Marketing Right For Your Small Business?

It’s likely that direct mail will work for your business if you implement it the correct way. Many marketers today are so focused on online advertising, however it’s been proven that people feel a deeper connection to marketing that is physical, such as direct mail.

Plus, unlike email marketing, which most find annoying, people actually enjoy receiving direct mail. Among U.S. respondents, 59% said that they enjoy getting postal mail from brands, and 70% feel that mail is more personal than the internet (Epsilon).

Which is right for you is going to depend on a few different factors:

  1. How much you are willing to spend – For example, oversized mailers and catalogs will not only be more expensive to design and print, they are also more expensive to ship since they are heavier. We talk more about costs below.
  2. The nature of your product or service – If you sell a more serious product (such as insurance), a letter may be more appropriate. If it’s more fun, you can create a colorful and eye-catching postcard.
  3. Who you are selling to – You won’t need to give as much info about your business to past customers. If it’s a standard renewal, you can get away with a simple letter. New customers may need a bigger brochure so that they can learn more about you.

If you want to test out more expensive direct mail pieces, try it out first on a smaller and more targeted group so that you can measure how well it converts before sending it out to a wider audience. You can also consider including something physical in the mailer.

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Good packaging and offering after sales services give an upper hand as the customer becomes loyal. Having a network of people can also help in business growth. When people see billboards they gain trust in whatever service or product you are offering.

Most of us believe that these days, digital marketing is the only way to get results. While this may be true for a specific target market, some of the best marketing ideas happen offline. The best marketing strategies are those that combine both online and offline ideas seamlessly, in one complete package.

If you haven’t been putting much effort into your offline marketing tactics, then it’s time that you give your start-up a boost with the following tips. Inspiration has always been within your reach, you just need to know where to look.

1. Get creative with your business cards

Investing in well-made business cards is one of the most effective ways to get your business out there. Set your brand apart by choosing a unique design that reflects your brand values and creativity. Always ensure that everyone who is anyone in your company has their own to give away, because you never know when they’ll need to share your business details with a prospective client.

2. Make the most out of your printed marketing material

Another way to get your brand message out to your target market is to give away printed marketing material. Flyer printing may seem like an old tactic, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get results. Go the extra mile and innovate beyond the standard template. There are a lot of creative ways you can get your target market’s attention using flyers and pamphlets, so make sure yours are practical for reading, keeping, and saving.

3. Go big with billboards

Go for innovative design if you want your billboards to stand out. There’s so much you can do with outdoor advertising, especially if your billboards are located in high traffic areas. It may seem like a big expense since billboard space doesn’t necessarily come cheap, but the exposure is worth it. Make sure your call to action and contact information is printed clearly to make the most out of your small investment.

4. Package your products differently

If you’re selling physical goods with a lot of competition, you need to make sure that your product packaging is well thought out. There are many ways you can boost your brand’s exposure on the shelves just by packaging your products differently. You can also give away stickers or branded knick knacks with every purchase of your product so that fans of your brand can help spread the word.

5. Offer group specific discounts

There’s no better way to foster brand loyalty and get your message out there than by throwing a sale. By offering discounts to a specific target market, you’re making clients feel privileged, while boosting leads and sales. Advertise the incentives and you’ll even get the attention of prospective clients who have never heard of you before.

6. Celebrate holidays with your clients

Love the holidays? Send out cards and small gifts to clients and use special occasions and milestones to make your presence known. And you don’t have to spend a lot of money celebrating with your customers. A well designed, well thought out personalized greeting or small token can show clients that you care and that they mean something to your brand.

7. Get your own PR team

There’s really no need to put together an in-house PR team for your company; you just need to create relationships with relevant media to get favorable coverage from the local journalists in your area. Go out of your way to get to know them and show them what your brand is about. Get your brand story ready and make sure that it’s newsworthy.

8. Network your way to success

Even with a small business, you can network your way to success. There are countless opportunities to build a business network even in a small town, so make sure that you attend all relevant business activities in your area. Check your listings for local business groups that you can join and actively participate in.

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