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How often we have heard of the word like search engine, or wondered how google works, how is it so quick in getting results or whenever we search for a something before completing the sentence itself the engine creates the rest of the sentence for us? Well this is what optimization is which is done in background of the entire search process. SEO or search engine optimization uses certain algorithm for getting traffic to a particular site. The traffic can be from any sources like editorial, natural or any free sources too. Some of the factors that help in SEO is categorized as On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

On-Page SEO

The On-Page part of SEO mainly consist for optimizing the thing at the front end including ‘Content’, ‘Architecture’ and ‘HTML’ .The content part check for the ‘Quality’ of data, the ‘Research’ done on the commonly used keywords by the people for search purpose, any particular word or phrase related to it. The pages displayed must contain new and fresh content. It also search any related news or video is available related to that particular topic, your content should be the proper answer for the searches topic.

The ‘Architecture part consist of crawling’ feature for webpages to load easily, along with managing of ‘duplicate’ content if they occur. The site should work well when loaded in mobile phones, it should give the same speed as the page when runs on site. The site should be HTTP secure to ensure security of results being searched.

The ‘HTML’ part of page focuses on the appearance of the page including the title should be relevant, description should be appropriate, structure should be proper and properties of it being stuffed or hidden.

Off-Page SEO

The Off-Page SEO focuses on four factors like Trust, Links, and Personal, Social rankings.

The ‘Trust’ factor deals with the how genuine the content is. ‘Trust’ consists of key guidelines like ‘Authority’ which checks whether the links and shares are from genuine sources. It also checks the users engagement on a particular article and the time spent on it. The ‘History’ and ‘Identity’ of the site and its authors are also verified. And one of the most important thing considered as must in SEO is the Advertisement Content. It should be the least.

The ‘Links’ part check for the Quality, source of occurrences. The text part checks if proper words are being used in the links so that people can track them easily. Also it checks to how many pages the links are linked further to. Or are the links used purchased for promotion or are created genuinely, or do they contain any spam materials.

The ‘Personal’ factor of SEO considers the personal details of user like which country he belongs to, in which ‘locality’ he stays, what is his search history or is any of his friends or family linked to that page, etc. is searched in this optimization.

The final part which is taken into consideration is your social connectivity. Like is any of your article you shared is liked by celebrity or person from respected background .Or how many people generally share the articles you write or post.

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