Seo Twitter In Digital Marketing: For And Against

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Twitter is a popular advertising medium, where brand can connect with their customers, and promote their products. Twitter has a very professional look; there is a balance of multimedia and text on it, and if someone wants to share their ideas or experiences, then they have to do it in less words, as compared to other platforms.

Points In Favor Of Twitter

Twitter can be used for the purpose of marketing businesses, but the marketing process is different as compared to other mediums. Those who understand Twitter and know how to use it, would be able to know to effectively use it, to market products SEO optimization guide.

Promoted Tweets

When businesses want to reach their customers, and want them to know about a special product or event, then Twitter allows them the option of promoted tweets. The promoted tweets show up on a users timeline, which matches with the target audience of a company. Promoted tweets are successful, as they show people something that they are interested in; they can like the tweet, and follow the business page.

Trends On Twitter

The reason a brand is able to reach so many customers at the same time, is because they are able to set trends on Twitter. The topics that people are talking about the most appear in the trends section of Twitter, which every user can see. If a brand wants to promote an event, or want people to know something special about their new product, then they choose an interest hashtag, and tweet about it. When many people tweet about the same thing, at the same time, then that topic starts to trend.

If the hashtag is interesting and ambiguous at the same time, then users would want to further explore it. This way, they will get to know about the brand, and if they are doing something unique or not.


Through Twitter, marketers can easily get feedback on their products and customer service. Marketers can communicate with their customers, get to know what they think about a product and then make improvements in the product accordingly. The reason why it is easier to track feedback from customers is because marketers can follow hashtags, which are relevant to their products, or they can type the keyword, like the products name, in Twitters search engine, and the platform will take them to tweets that mention that products name.

Points Against Twitter

Twitter is mostly used by professionals; there are less casual conversations on Twitter, and more professional conversations. Moreover, some hashtags might get mixed up with each other; for example, the name of a product might be mentioned in tweets, which have nothing to do with the product itself. A marketer has to spend a lot of time on Twitter, to find out what people are talking about.

Time Sensitive Tweets

Tweeting at the right time is very important for a brand. For example, if a brand is being criticized, and it takes a lot of time to address the situation through a tweet, then the existing followers of the brand can take this negatively. Moreover, when people follow a brand on Twitter, they are not from the same time zone and geographical location. A marketer has to assess time zones and geographical locations, in order to greet the people from different time zones, and to make sure that they dont miss any important announcements.

If a brand doesnt take European time zone into account, and only tweets when they know Asians would be on Twitter, then this means that they dont really value their European customers.

Spam On Twitter

When a brand addresses its own customers on Twitter, they should be aware about their competition as well. Competitors might play dirty tricks and post spam links to a business page on Twitter. They might comment spam links in the comments section, and their handle name could be the same as the brand they are trying to defame. This might confuse the customer; he would open the link, taking him to a spam page, and that would shed a negative light on the brand that is not at fault.

Before using Twitter as a platform for digital marketing, a business should make sure that their customers are on Twitter. If they spend a lot of time creating tweets for their target audience, that are not even present on Twitter, but on Facebook, then that would be wasting time.

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