Tips For Managing Problematic Staff

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Its very frustrating when a problematic employee disturbs the productivity of your business. However, rather than being sucked in to this vortex, you can take action in the following ways.

1. Listen
Although the employee might be problematic, you need to listen and understand whats actually going on. Dont ignore them and assume they are problematic just because they choose to be. Some people act out when they are stressed and they might not know how to respond. As a manager, you need to listen to these employees and dig through everything to find the root of the problem.

2. Give Clear Feedback

As a manger, its wrong to spend a lot of time complaining whats wrong with your problematic staff without giving them proper feedback on whats wrong. It might be a tough thing to do but if you do it right, your problematic employees will not be an issue anymore. When you speak to these employees, give them actionable points on what they need to do to improve their behavior.

3. Document Everything

When you are having issues with a problematic employee, make sure you write down everything. You will have a hard time finding what to do or how to correct their behavior. Of course, you shouldnt write down everything as blackmail or to use it negatively against the employee. Rather, its a starting point on how to correct your employees behavior.

4. Practice Consistency

If you are not ok with your employees behavior, you need to make sure they know it. Dont give them a pass sometimes when they do the same thing and raise concern at other times. For instance, if they submit reports late, make it known that its wrong. Dont let it pass sometimes because they will let it go sometimes.

5. Set Clear Consequences

If you have warned the employee about any behavior and they still continue doing it, you need to set clear consequences if nothing changes. For instance, you should warn them what would happen if nothing changes. You could duck their pay or give them a warning of being let go if their behavior continues. Make sure you follow through with the consequences if the employee continues with their behavior.

In conclusion, a problematic employee will cause a lot of trouble for you and the rest of the employees. Take the time to find out whats wrong with your employee before acting on their behavior.

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