3 Ways You Can Cut Down On Your Office Cleaning Costs

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Professional and proper office cleaning is a very essential part of maintaining a high standard and a good safety protocol. However, as is with most things, the costs can add up very quickly leading to doubt whether or not this is all really necessary. When the costs associated with cleaning start to get a little into the uncomfortable zone, its very easy to want to cut down on how much cleaning gets done. Dont do it though, there are some ways that you can improve the cost of cleaning without compromising the safety and cleanliness of your office space.

A large contributor to increasing the costs associated with cleaning has to do with waste and how much of it your workplace generates. The waste that an organization generates is usually a fact that will entail more cleaning which will increase the costs associated with cleaning. For example, it takes time to empty bins, take out the trash, empty office bins, etc. By simply encouraging your employees to be a little smarter about their waste production you can very easily cut down on quite a decent chunk of your cleaning cost.

A second big contributor to increasing the amount of cleaning that has to be done has to do with the floor and how dirty it is. The more dirt there is on the floor then obviously it will require a lot more cleaning. You need to take measures to reduce the amount of dirt that is finding its way into the office and onto the floor. The solution is to place mats at every doorway. By placing mats at every doorway, you will be reducing the amount of dirt tracked in by people as they walk into the building. This will all equate to less time being spent on cleaning. Workers will not have to vacuum as much or dust mop as much. Mats will also protect carpets which will also save money in the long run.

The final way one can save money on cleaning supplies is to completely readdress the way that floors are cleaned. One of the biggest expenses when it comes to cleaning is the chemicals and tools associated with cleaning. Lets take mopping as an example. Mops require a lot of water, chemicals, and pricey mop buckets with wheels. By simply changing to microfiber mops, you can cut all these out and save a ton of money.

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