Simple Blocked Drain Clearing Methods

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Whether you are living alone or with your family, you probably know the importance of maintaining a clean kitchen and bathroom, including sinks and drains.

This is especially important for areas of the house that are constantly in use and are likely to get dirty from regular use.

Scrubbing and washing silverware and utensils could quickly make the sink dirty and using the bathroom sink for bathing or shaving could result in a blocked drain, which could cause unnecessary flooding and create a blocked drain. Blocked drains are known to cause unnecessary flooding and bring about unpleasant odours, but they are quite easy to resolve if an expert is involved.

Professional plumbers have a range of services to help homeowners to quickly unblock clogged drains.

Many homeowners prefer to clear drains using natural methods and ingredients because of their concern for safety and the environment.

Harsh chemicals are often the last to be considered when attempting to clear drains. One such natural ingredient has been baking soda, which has played a significant role in the clearing of blocked drains. This is especially useful if you ensure that the baking soda goes down the drain to help clear the blockage. Two parts of boiling water can be poured into the drain to accompany the baking soda. Later, one part of baking soda and one part of white vinegar follow the drain to form bubbles. Finally, one part of boiling water can be used as soon as the bubbles disappear to clear the drain completely.

Blocked drains are a common issue.

Blocked drains are a common plumbing issue that people face every day throughout the UK and the rest of the world.

Your drain can become blocked at the least expected time, but you have to be prepared and ready to deal with it when it occurs. If left unresolved, blockages can lead to water leaks, thereby potentially causing damage to your home or business premise and posing serious health risks. Numerous blockages could potentially cause pipes to burst, which could cost the homeowner hundreds of pounds in costly repairs.

What you can do about blocked drains.

However, there are a few things you could do to clear blocked drains.

One of the most underrated yet very effective drainage clearing ingredients is boiling water. It provides a fast and easy fix and does not cost you money to prepare. Just pour a jug of boiling water down the drain and give it some time to loosen and melt oil residues before considering more drastic and costly measures. It can dissolve the blockage in a matter of minutes. However, be careful and use it on ceramic and metal pipes because the heat tends to loosen the joints on PVC material. If used efficiently, this method can be very effective and can help to loosen food build-up and grease that often clog drains, but it may not work for blockages caused by solid waste materials.

If you are a homeowner in London, Essex or any other part of the UK, you should always ensure your drain is working properly to avoid potentially costly repairs in the future. You can consider some inexpensive methods before resorting to more drastic measures.

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